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An artistic & academic soul specialising in dreams



Explore and learn from your dreams



Paint Colors


At Arts Studio, I understand the importance of support in life and I believe it is through art and connecting with our unconscious that we can discover our strengths.  I am  dedicated to creativity as a healing tool.  I can provide guidance and appropriate training for growth to people at all levels. It’s my  mission to ensure that creativity is a source of fulfillment.



Inspiration and Creativity

Everyone needs mental and physical space to dream, to create, to inspire and to be inspired. At Arts' Studio, this is understood. All artistic expression is encouraged in this therapeutic Arts' Studio where people come and create  freely. If you cannot attend in person (are on the other side of the world), send me your dreams via email and we can work  across space and time together.



Let go and connect with your creative self

Are you ready to experiment with  something new? Have you always wanted to try Pencil Drawing?  Read below to learn more and to find something that resonates with  you!

Dreaming Healing and Imaginative Arts Practice


Use your dreams to heal

This is my specialism and my approach is to help you interpret your own dreams. You'd need to purchase my book 'Dreaming, Healing And Imaginative Arts Practice' published by Routledge so that you can begin illustrating your dreams.  If you prefer, you can send me the dream images via email mail@kathleenanneconnellan.com.au  

We can certainly work together in that way with scrupulous professional confidentiality ensured. 

Pencil Drawing

Reinterpreting line

The pencil can be an extension of the hand and soul, let it free to wander on the surface of the page, it will make marks of meaning that surprise you.

Oil Painting

Layers and glazing

Oil paint is best applied in layers over time.  It is a supreme medium to work in and I love it.  

Clay Pot on Pottery Wheel_edited.jpg
Bus card mandala 2.jpg


Take Home Some Art

Get your hands dirty with clay work, the ideal way to relax from a busy mind.


Reinterpreting Figures and Memories 

Collage is great for non linear narratives.  You could choose a theme or a period in your life journey and layer it with texture and colour.  A mandala  format is particularly healing.


Subtle touches

Watercolour is especially suitable for loose beach or land scapes. The key with watercolour work is the paper used, the amount of water and the lightness of touch. Watercolours also work best with a reduced colour scheme.


Sewing and embroidery 

Thread in thread out, breathe in breathe out

Sewing can become an expression of who you are.  The key is for good quality materials, patterns,  and colours that speak to you.  Stitching can be as rhythmic as breathing and very relaxing. Discover the beauty of hand work. 

Creative writing 

Symbolic words

Words can become just as evocative as images if your heart is in it.  All you need is a thought or a story to give wings to on the page.  Create a rhythm and a meter and you'll have a poem or a song. Test it on my keyboard or bring your instrument. 

Shaping and making

Dream making in four dimensions

Making forms in space gives a special feeling of empowerment. If you’re tired or uninspired, come and let the materials do the work. This is my specialism and my approach is to help you interpret your own dreams. You'd need to purchase my book 'Dreaming, Healing And Imaginative Arts Practice' so that you can begin illustrating your dreams.  If you prefer to send me the images via email, we can certainly work together in that way. 



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